Department of medicine

MED-851: Nephrology MC

Course Number:MED-851MC
Instructor:Rachel Sturdivant, M.D.
Location:Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC
Number of students:4
Duration:4 weeks
Credit hours:5
Course Offered:Year Round

Students rotating on the Nephrology Senior Core will care for patients with Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) and End Stage Renal Disease in the hospital with an emphasis on the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of AKI.  Students will also be expected to attend at least one ambulatory clinic per week to understand the care of the patient with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and to participate in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of renal disease in the outpatient setting.  Preparation for renal replacement therapy including dialysis and transplant in addition to the mechanics of dialysis will be emphasized. 

Course Objectives

At the completion of this clinical rotation, students should be able to:

1.  Initiate an appropriate diagnostic evaluation for Acute Kidney Injury, interpret laboratory and radiological studies and synthesize a differential diagnosis.

2.  Understand the indications for dialysis therapy and the mechanics of different modes of dialysis.

3.  Evaluate and treat common electrolyte and acid base disorders.

4.  Understand treatment rationales and medications used for hypertension.

5   Understand the public health significance of Chronic Kidney Disease and therapies to prevent progression and manage co-morbidities. 

Instructional Methodology

Students on this rotation will be expected to learn and achieve the educational goals and objectives through the following methodologies and activities:

1.   Students will evaluate patients both in hospital and in clinic and provide a written history and physical to the attending for feedback. 

2.   Students will present patients orally to the attending physician to attain feedback on presenting cohesively and on ability to synthesize information and provide a well thought out plan.

3.   Students will participate in team discussions and attending lectures both in hospital and in the clinic.

4.   Students will attend nephrology lectures covering specific clinical topics, pathological review and recent journal articles.

5.   Students will be expected to continue independent scholarly activity by reading journal articles and textbooks pertinent to their specific patients.

Evalution/Feedback Methods

State how students will be evaluated. In addition, state which of the competencies (Medical Knowledge, Patient Care, Professionalism, Interpersonal/Communication Skills, Practice-Based and Life- Long Learning, and System-Based Learning) is addressed by each method.  [Ex. Written Examination (Medical Knowledge); Clinical Evaluation Form (Patient Care and Professionalism)]

1.   Clinical Evaluation Form (MK, PC, P, IC, PBLI, SBL)

2.   Completion of Urinalysis Laboratory Module (MK)

3.   Graded History and Physical with Assessment and Plan (PC, IC)

4.   Oral Presentation on a topic of your choice to your team.  (MK, PBLI, IC)


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