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At the Medical University of South Carolina Internal Medicine Program we are committed to recruiting, training, and supporting physicians from all ethnic and racial backgrounds. We at MUSC realize the importance of diversity among our resident physicans and faculty; by making diversity a priority we will be able enrich our resident physicians’ experiences as well as improve the quality of care our patients receive.

Diversity in the MUSC Internal Medicine Program is broadly defined and includes differences among race, culture, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, and mental or physical disabilities.

In an effort to promote and advance diversity among the staff at MUSC, we formed the Internal Medicine Residency Diversity Committee (IMRDC). Our committee is comprised of the Internal Medicine chief residents, our program director, our residency and educational coordinators as well as select members of our Internal Medicine Residency Program who are truly dedicated to enhancing and supporting the recruitment of underrepresented minorities.

The IMRDC was established to:

1.      Increase the diversity of our residency program

2.      Provide support and offer resources to those underrepresented minorities who may be interested in further research or educational opportunities

3.      Facilitate avenues to promote diversity awareness and education among the current housestaff

IMRDC activities include:

1.      Regular meetings to discuss ways to further advance diversity among faculty, fellows and residents.

2.      Educating residents through cultural competencies to promote cultural understanding and awareness in our own community.

3.      Hosting applicant diversity receptions throughout our recruitment season

4.      Holding a second look diversity event for residency applicants

5.      Working closely with the MUSC College of Medicine Office of Student Diversity (OSD) as well as the Dean of the College of Medicine to collaboratively promote diversity education, awareness and community enhancement among faculty, residents and students.

6.      Providing opportunities for our resident physicians to deliver free medical care to the underserved and uninsured population in the local Charleston area through the CARES clinic as well as Crisis Ministries.

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