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Moonlighting Guidelines

Department of Medicine Moonlighting Policy

The Department of Internal Medicine adheres to the GME Moonlighting Policy as outlined in the GME Resident Handbook.  In addition:

1) All residents must obtain permission from the Program Director to participate in any moonlighting activities.

2) Residents must be cognizant of work hour restrictions and must not exceed an average of 80 hours per week including hours spent moonlighting.  All moonlighting hours must be logged in E*Value and there can be no duty hour violations.

3) Only residents in “good standing” are allowed to moonlight. 

4) Moonlighting is prohibited during ICU and ward rotations.  Internal Moonlighting is limited to the After Hours Elective Experience in Bone Marrow Transplant.  The supervisors for this experience are the MUSC Hematology-Oncology attendings.

After Hours Elective Experience in Bone Marrow Transplant

Educational Purpose:

This elective after-hours experience provides the upper level house officer with the opportunity to gain additional training in the broad field of hospital medicine.  This experience will be completely outside of the MUSC residency program and the teaching services of the Department of Medicine.  This voluntary experience adds to our curriculum and allows an additional opportunity for graduated responsibility and assessment of patients in a completely supervised environment.


All PGY 3 residents in good standing are eligible to participate in this elective with the permission of the program director and the DIO.  This means that all of the following are met:

a)      trainee’s monthly evaluations must be in the satisfactory or higher range

b)      the trainee cannot be on any form of probation

c)      trainee is in compliance with conference attending (at least 60% of mandatory conferences)

d)     trainee must have achieved a score of >60% on most recent in-service exam

This experience cannot interfere with the resident’s educational performance, opportunities for adequate rest and relaxation, or time allocated for independent study.


Supervision for this rotation is through the MUSC Department of Hematology-Oncology.  The on-call Heme-Onc attending or fellow is available by phone at all times and is immediately available to return to the facility.

Learning Objectives:

Patient Care:

The resident will:

  • Gain additional experience in assessing patients and formulating a plan of care.
  • Receive additional exposure to patients with bone marrow transplants, its complications, as well as neutropenic fever

Systems-Based Practice:

      The resident will:

  • Gain added experience in assessing the biopsychosocial impacts of disease.
  • Experience patient interactions outside of the traditional teaching services.

Practice-Based Learning and Improvement:

The resident will:

  • Utilize the tenets of Evidenced-Based Medicine in all patient encounters and will receive feedback about diagnostic and treatment choices.


The resident will:

  • Demonstrate professionalism in interactions with staff and in communication with the Heme-Onc attendings, fellows, and mid-level providers.

Teaching Methods:

The primary teaching method for this rotation will be experiential learning from the care of patients in the after-hours setting.  Additionally, the resident will have the opportunity to formally discuss all patients with the Heme-Onc fellow or mid-level provider at 6 AM each morning.  Further, the resident has the opportunity to discuss any questions with the Heme/Onc fellow or attending on call at any time during the shift.  A library of text books and online references are universally available.


The resident will evaluate this elective on a 6-month basis using the standard rotation/attending evaluation forms.  The Heme/Onc attendings will evaluate the resident’s performance on a biannual basis using the departmental residency evaluation form through E*Value.  Any concerns or formative feedback will be given to the resident following their shift.


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