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Application Procedure for Foreign Medical Graduates


The residency program regrets that we do not have the manpower to assist you in determining your eligibility for our program.  Eligibility criteria is listed below.  Faxed or emailed materials will not be read.         

 How to Submit Your Application
 Requirements for Foreign Medical Graduates
Visa Sponsorship

How to Submit Your Application
Applications are accepted only through the
Electronic Residency Application System (ERAS).

Any graduate of a foreign medical school, including an American citizen whose medical degree is from a college outside the United States or Canada, is considered a foreign medical graduate.  These graduates are required to do postgraduate medical training in a United States training program before they can become either Board certified or licensed physicians in this country.

All applicants, including those from foreign countries, are required to apply only through the Electronic Residency Application System. 

Requirements for Foreign Medical Graduates
Mandatory requirements for foreign medical graduates inlcude:

 One full year (twelve months) of experience in the United States

 Must have graduated from medical school within the past two 

 Must score higher than 250 on Step 1 of the USMLE  

Applicants who do not meet this criteria will not be considered. 

How to Apply
- Postgraduate Year One
- Postgraduate Year Two & Three
- Foreign Medical Graduates
- Electronic Residency
  Application System (ERAS)
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Foreign medical graduates may be required to provide other materials in support of their applications in addition to the materials for graduates of American or Canadian medical schools.

Visa Sponsorship
The Department of Medicine will only sponsor J1 VISAs.  Foreign medical graduates should be aware that the Department will not make any special considerations for an H1B visa for any applicant.


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