Department of medicine

Inpatient Services & Locations

Reassuring HandThe MUSC Department of Medicine is renowned for providing excellent inpatient care including nationally recognized state-of-the-art centers for cardiovascular, digestive disease, and cancer care.  The Medical University Hospital Authority (MUHA) main hospital has 596 beds and 8268 annual inpatient admissions.  MUHA and the Department of Medicine have recently expanded hospital services by adding a new hospital facility with 160 additional beds at the new Ashley River Tower (focused primarily on Heart, Vascular and Digestive Disease). This
expansion allows MUSC to better serve our patients and improve the health of our population.

The Ashley River Tower represents much more than a new building.  It embodies our vision to enhance the delivery of health care to all of our patients and to continue to recruit the best and brightest health care professionals to our campus.  This state-of-the art facility will be a focal point for MUSC's effort to advance excellence in providing care, conducting clinical research and educating tomorrow's leaders in health care as part of the bright future of MUSC.

Additionally, we are establishing new comprehensive care service lines focused on Heart and Vascular Diseases, Digestive Diseases, Organ Transplantation, Critical Care, Musculosketal Diseases, and Emergency
Medicine. We have also established several new multidisciplinary clinical centers, most notably in Pulmonary Hypertension, Cystic Fibrosis, Chest Pain, and Diabetes Management.  We have also increased our number of “specialized inpatient primary care physicians” (called hospitalists).  Hospitalists improve efficiency of inpatient services, focus on maximizing the quality of care on those services, and enhance communication with primary care and referring physicians.


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