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Clinical Science Operations

Edward Jauch, M.D.
Associate Vice Chairman for Research
Emergency Medicine Division
Meeting Schedule (12:00PM-1:00PM, 803 CSB Conference Room)
9/8/2010OIP Feedback & Barriers
11/10/2010Radiology Billing Process
1/12/2011Clinical Trials Record Retention
5/11/2011Study Tracker
IRB Staff Contact List
IRB Directory
Biostatistics Collaborative Unit
Dr. Paul Nietert Presentation
Central Monitor Review Sites
Clinical Trial Monitor - Forms for Clinical Systems Access
Clinical Trial Record Retention
Storage Costs
Common Lab Procedure Fees (Contact Jill Griffith for info)
Clinical Trial Monitor - Forms for Clinical Systems Access
Electronic Records - 21 CRF Part 11 Compliance Statement
Radiology Billing Process
Billing Process
Radiology Billing Policy
Radiology Billing Form
Research Support Offices and Website Resources
Contact for Research Support Areas/Offices
MUHA/UMA Request for Research Pricing Form
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SCTR Research Support Services
CATTS Training for Shipping Biological Materials


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