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The newly established Clemson-MUSC Orthopaedic Research and Training Program is the continuation and perfection of the Medical University of South Carolina Orthopaedic Research Laboratory which was first established in 1991. It is a joint effort of Clemson University Bioengineering and MUSC Orthopaedic Surgery. It is a multi-functional research and education center in several areas, including orthopaedic animal models, bone and cartilage tissue engineering, bone and implant biomechanics, implant designing, internal fixation in osteoporotic bone, and bacterial adhesion and implant infection. Dr. Langdon Hartsock, MD (Chairman of MUSC Orthopaedic Surgery) and Dr. Martine LaBerge (Chairman of Clemson Bioengineering) are the program planners and the program directors. Qian K. Kang, MD is the current lab director / research coordinator. Former lab director Yuehuei H. An, MD is still actively involved in the effort.

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