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Upper Extremity

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The right brachial artery and its branches.

Digital subtraction angiogram of the brachail artery and its main branches.



Vascular structures of the right shoulder. Note the relationship of the subclavian artery with the clavicle, first rib, and scalenus anterior muscle. The clavicle has been partially removed. (Art based on actual angiogram.)

Angiogram of the right subclavian, axillary, and brachial arteries and branches.

Angiogram of the left subclavian artery. Note the origin of the vertebral artery arising in the second portion of the subclavian artery.



Venous anatomy of the right upper extremity.

Venous phase of a right hand angiogram. Note the large dorsal venous network.

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The above images and legends have been borrowed with permission. Renan Uflacker. Atlas of Vascular Anatomy an Angiographic Approach: Second Edition. Philadelphia, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins © 2007.  The new Atlas of Vascular Anatomy, edited by Dr. Renan Uflacker, details the vascular anatomy seen on angiographic images and in the new imaging modalities. The book presents the complete anatomy of the arteries, veins, and lymphatic system by body region. Full-color drawings are correlated with angiographic images to guide evaluation and management of vascular disease and performance of endovascular procedures.

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