Department of radiology and Radiological Science

Medical Physics

Medical Physics provides an important clinical service by optimizing the quality of diagnostic examinations and radionuclide therapy. Our principal activities are as follows:

Eugene Mah, medical physicist(a) Assessment of the technological aspects of new imaging to help identify the most appropriate imaging equipment to take care of our patients.

(b) Commissioning newly installed equipment to ensure that the image quality, as well as the amount of radiation used to create the images, are appropriate. All new equipment is commissioned prior to performing any clinical examinations.

(c) Working closely with our radiologist colleagues to determine how imaging equipment should be used to obtain the best possible images, whilst limiting the amount of radiation used to the lowest possible that is compatible with diagnostic image quality.

(d) Estimating radiation dose to patients and making recommendations about the likely effects of radiation exposure.

(e) Assessing our equipment and procedures on a regular basis to be sure it is safely producing optimal images. These routine tests ensure that our equipment meets all state and federal regulatory requirements, as well as guaranteeing optimal clinical performance for patient care.


Walter Huda PhD, FCCPM/ABMP
Director, Medical Physics

G Donald Frey PhD, ABR

Sameer Tipnis, PhD, ABR

Eugene Mah M.Sc., ABR


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