Department of radiology and Radiological Science

Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

The division of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging is different from all of the other branches in medicine.  We use small doses of radiotracers to obtain both functional and anatomical information about various diseases and processes.  This same molecular principle is used to treat certain pathologies such as hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancer, lymphoma, and bony metastasis from prostate cancer.

For this reason all of our studies are performed by licensed nuclear medicine technologists and interpreted by three sub-specialty trained physicians.  MUSC Nuclear Medicine division customizes our exams to answer the clinical question.  The division is supported by nuclear physicists and has a full service nuclear pharmacy.

We offer services at both the main hospital and Ashley River Towers (ART), with five state-of-the-art SPECT/CT gamma cameras.  We are currently in the process of updating the PET/CT scanner which will result in minimal scan time.

The Division actively collaborates with multiple departments throughout MUSC which includes creation of the "Osteoporosis Center", joint nuclear cardiology readouts, and multiple interdisciplinary conferences.

The Division offers a three year ACGME accredited residency in Nuclear Medicine and a one year ACGME Nuclear Radiology fellowship.  The division is involved in multiple clinical trials and several of its members are on national committees. 

                                 Spect Camera

PET, CT and PET/CT images

Nuclear Medicine Faculty
Leonie Gordon, M.D.,ChB.
Director, Nuclear Medicine
Kenneth Spicer, M.D.,PhD.
Marques Bradshaw, M.D., MSCR.

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