Department of radiology and Radiological Science

Ann-Marie Broome, Ph.D., MBA

Associate Professor of Radiology
Director of Molecular Imaging, Center for Biomedical Imaging
Director of Small Animal Imaging, Hollings Cancer Center

Ann-Marie Broome, Ph.D., M.B.A. is an Associate Professor of Radiology, Director of Molecular Imaging for the Center for Biomedical Imaging and Director of Small Animal Imaging for Hollings Cancer Center.  

Before coming to MUSC as a primary investigator (PI) and co-PI on several funded NIH and university-sponsored grants, she laid the groundwork for research into the development of platform imaging technologies that can target and visualize multiple biomarkers simultaneously.  Additionally, her laboratory engineered several animal models of inaccessible or surgically challenging tumors.

The academic research program of Dr. Broome is devoted to the study and understanding of different diseases for the purposes of detecting them earlier and improving therapeutic efficacy-the hallmarks of the molecular imaging field.  Molecular imaging, a cross-disciplinary field combining science, engineering and medicine, bridges basic and clinically translatable research.  Its ultimate goal is to characterize and measure biological processes at the cellular and molecular levels both noninvasively and in real-time. 

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Dr. Ann-Marie Broome

Ann-Marie Broome, Ph.D., MBA

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