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Dr. Schoepf Named One of the World's Most Influential Radiologists

Dr. Joseph Schoepf

 Joseph Schoepf, M.D.

Professor of Radiology at MUSC

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The nation's leading publication devoted to the coverage of radiology has named Joseph Schoepf, M.D., as one of the most influential radiologists in the world.

RT Image, a national, weekly magazine for radiologists, techonologists and administrators, featured Schoepf, an expert in cardiac radiology, in its September 2008 report of "The Most Influential in Radiology." Schoepf was selected because of his technological and methodological innovations and discoveries, and in particular, for his work in developing and advancing the applications for the dual-source computed tomography (CT).

"Being named among RT Image's 'Most Influential' is a tremendous honor and quite a humbling experience," said Schoepf. "I am only the front man of a large group of brilliant, dedicated and hardworking professionals at MUSC who work tirelessly to ensure the best possible, most advnaced patient care and to further the field on non-invasive cardiovascular imaging. My hat is off to them, and together we will continue our quest to explore new techniques, educate our field in their application, and ensure their appropriate use for the benefit of our patients."

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