Department of radiology and Radiological Science

Cardiovascular Imaging Research

Joe Schoepf, M.D.

Anthony Hlavacek, M.D.

Pal Suranyi, M.D., Ph.D.

Truman Brown, Ph.D.

Walter Huda, Ph.D.

W. Benjamin Wince, M.D.

Philip Costello, M.D.

James Ravenel, M.D.

Peter Zwerner, M.D.

Physicians from around the world come to Charleston to receive training in cardiovascular imaging and participate in our research. MUSC runs a variety of very successful educational conferences on cardiovascular imaging, including our monthly cardiac CT course. MUSC faculty are in high demand as speakers at medical conferences around the globe.Cardiac CT of the heart.

Our collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to cardiovascular imaging, advanced equipment and our extremely active, international research group make MUSC a hotbed for cutting edge cardiovascular imaging research. Currently, state-of-the-art CT scanners are available everywhere at MUSC: at the heart and vascular center at the Ashley River Tower, we operate a 3rd Generation Dual Source CT scanner, the most cutting-edge maching on the market for cardiac CT alongside another 128 slice scanner. Additional Dual Source CT scanners of 1st and 2nd generation are available at the Main Hospital, one of them in the Emergency Department.

MR scanners capable of cardiac imaging are available throughout MUSC. Immediate future plans for scanner updates include the installation of a Dual-Source scanner in the Emergency Department and upgrades of the existing MR scanner fleet. The future Heart & Vascular Center in the new hospital facility will be equipped with dedicated, cutting edge machinery, including MR scanners with the latest cardiac applications, Dual-Source CT, and SPECT-CT.

The major focus of cardiovascular imaging research at MUSC is non-invasive imaging of the heart, coronary arteries and other vessels throughout the body. Various research projects are ongoing, evaluating novel imaging techniques for coronary artery stenosis, assessment of myocardial infarction, diagnosis of acute chest pain, and congenital cardiovascular disorders, just to name a few.


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