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NIH and Foundation Budget Template Worksheet (xls) (Updated 10/4/13)

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Selected Extrenal Grant Opportunities of Interest (Last Updated: February 11, 2014)

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Pilot Grant Program

Each year, the Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences makes funds available for several small grants aimed at obtaining pilot data to support extramural grant applications. Only faculty of the Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences are eligible to apply for these pilot grants. The pilot grant projects must be completed within one year, and the maximum budget is $3000.

Application Form and Instructions

Radiology Research Grant Tracker

In order to track grant submissions and awards within the MUSC Radiology and Radiological Sciences Research department, faculty are required to add and update ALL grants that are being planned and have been submitted, regardless of their outcome, to the Radiology Grant Tracker, an application hosted by a platform called Zoho Creator.

The Radiology Grant Tracker is available at

If you are a Radiology and Radiological Science research faculty member and you are NOT already using the Grant Tracker, please email Tara Sokolowski ( to get set up with an account.

Updated Fringe Benefits Rates

MUSC’s ORSP has received a copy of the new Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Rate Agreement from DHHS dated July 26, 2013, which updates the fringe benefit rates for FY 2014.  Note the fringe benefit rates have increased for FY 2014, however MUSC’s F&A rates are not affected.
Please begin using the new composite fringe benefit rates listed in the table below for all future proposal submissions.  These new rates are retroactive to July 1, 2013.
The new rates are listed below and have been updated on the Proposal Preparation section of the ORSP website:
Cayuse has also been updated with these rates to be the default budget rates.  If you have already started an application in Cayuse, you will need to refresh the applicant information on the SF424 RR (face) page.  To do this, click the Applicant Information auto-refill icon in section 5 of page 1.


Employee Benefits CategoryFringe Benefits RateApplicable Employment Types
9-Month Faculty
Unclassified Non-Faculty
Classified, Research
Post-Doctoral Fellows27.10%
Temp Faculty/Temp Non-Faculty20.20%
Temporary Faculty
Temporary Non-Faculty
Ph.D. Students
Research Grant Employees - No Benefits

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