Department of radiology and Radiological Science



Zoran Rumboldt, M.D.

Maria Gisele Matheus, M.D.

Walter Bartynski, M.D.
Director, Interventional Spine Radiology

Timothy Amrhein, M.D.

Maria Vittoria Spampinato, M.D.

Donna R. Roberts, M.D.

Current Research Projects:

Head and Neck Cancer

• Predictive role of perfusion CT – Dr. Amrhein, Dr. Rumboldt
• Accuracy of PET-CT for oral and oropharyngeal cancer recurrence - Dr. Spampinato, Dr. Rumboldt
• Thyroid cancer risks during CT perfusion studies of the neck – Dr. Spampinato with Dr. Huda
• Establishing criteria for extracapsular spread of metastatic nodal disease – Dr. Matheus
• Predictive role of extracapsular spread – possible staging adjustment – Dr. Matheus
• Rapamycin for oral and oropharyngeal cancer – Dr. Rumboldt (NIH)

Brain Tumors

• Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging (DKI) for glial brain neoplasms – Dr. Spampinato, Dr. Rumboldt, Dr. Amrhein
• Use of advanced MRI for evaluation and prediction of treatment response in recurrent glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) – Dr. Rumboldt, Dr. Spampinato
• Application of susceptibility-weighted imaging (SWI) for diagnosis and follow-up of brain tumors – Dr. Spampinato, Dr. Rumboldt
• Assessment of treated gliomas – Dr. Matheus


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