Department of radiology and Radiological Science

Neuroradiology Research

The neuroradiology division is involved in multiple research projects including:

Head and neck cancer 

  • predictive role of perfusion CT
  • predictive role of CT for residual nodal disease following (chemo) radiation
  • correlation of PET-CT and perfusion CT
  • refining and optimizing PET-CT studies
  • thyroid cancer risks during CT perfusion studies of the neck
  • establishing criteria for extracapsular spread of metastatic nodal disease
  • predictive role of extracapsular spread – possible staging adjustment

Brain tumors

  • predictive role of perfusion MRI
  • comparison of MR contrast agents


  • multicentric study on patients with intracranial vascular stenosis
  • MR angiograms for embolized cerebral aneurysms
  • comparison of patient radiation doses with CTA and DSA


  • optimization of spinal MRA
  • perfusion CT of the spinal cord
  • spinal cord perfusion CT changes with radiation treatment of the head and neck


  • detail detection on head CT
  • portable head CT imaging
  • estimating organ doses at head and neck CT


  • comparison of different ways of performing brain perfusion MRI
  • evaluation of brain radiation effects

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