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Charleston South Carolina

Why Choose Charleston?

Those of us who have been here a while know why living in Charleston, South Carolina is so great.  However, for those of you new to the area, or considering moving to the area, here are some reasons why people choose to live in sunny, Charleston, SC:

Quality of Life

If you have lived here any length of time, you’ve probably experienced more than one conversation about the quality of life in Charleston, SC.  However, what defines the great quality of life for the low country?  In addition to Charleston’s acclaimed culture, cuisine, entertainment and waterways, residents have a wide range of housing options and relatively low cost of living in comparison to the national average.  Also, the year round climate is remarkably mild, and Charleston has truly become a medical hub for the Southeast.

Explore the sights, sounds and flavors only found in one place: 

Charleston, South Carolina


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