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Radiology Resident Education Fund

Gifts to the Radiology Resident Education Fund will enable the department to provide ongoing support for educational experiences that go above and beyond those provided by MUSC Housestaff office.  With your help we will continue our long-standing tradition of exceptional radiology residency education experiences, including AIRP, visiting professors, and education research electives.

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State of the Art Equipment and Resident Rotations

One of the greatest assets of the department is state-of-the-art equipment. We are at the cutting edge with 2, 64-slice CT's and a dual source CT scanner. MRI includes a 3 Tesla Philips magnet and 3 1.5 T units. Ultrasound and Flouroscopy equipment have all been purchased in the last 2 years. PET/CT was installed in 2006.

PACS - We are an all digital department, including mammography. MUSC was a development site for AGFA and has been on PACS for over 10 years. For digital post-processing we have multiple workstations from Vital Images, Siemens, GE, and TeraRecon. A thin-client server allows on-the-fly 3D processing from any location.

The resident rotations are divided into 4 week blocks. Typically one to two residents are assigned to any particular service. Residents are expected to be at work at 7:30 am and leave generally by 5:00 pm.  Below is an example of the general 4 year rotation schedule for each year.

1st year2nd year3rd year4th year
UltrasoundUltrasoundUltrasoundNuclear Medicine
ChestChestChestBreast Imaging
Abdominal ImagingAbdominal ImagingAbdominal ImagingElectives (6)
Pediatric ImagingPediatric ImagingPediatric ImagingNeuroradiology
NeuroradiologyNeuroradiologyNeuroradiologyAbdominal Imaging
VANuclear MedicineNuclear MedicineVA Procedures
VIRBreast ImagingBreast ImagingResearch
Nuclear MedicineVIRVIR
CardiacER Upper Level
ER Lower LevelOB Ultrasound

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