Department of Radiation Oncology


The Department of Radiation Oncology has two physical locations in the Charleston area plus we provide a physician and physicist to a community center in neighboring Georgetown.  The downtown campus is located in two separate buildings adjacent to each other. 

Located in the main hospital are the faculty offices, 3 patient exam rooms, a Gamma Knife Perfexion, a Varian TrueBeam V2 STX with a 6 degree table, EPID, OBI, and RapidArc.  Also in this location is a Varian 600C whose vault also serves as our HDR treatment room.  

Immediately next door in Hollings Cancer Center the department has 7 exam rooms, a Philips wide bore 16 slice CT scanner, a large dosimetry/physics planning area, Tomotherapy, and a Varian iX with EPID,OBI, RapidArc and Vision RT.  The resident workroom is also located in this area.  

Approximately 10 miles to the north, we have a treatment center with 4 exam rooms, a Varian TrueBeam with a 6 degree table, EPID, OBI, and RapidArc, and a Philips wide bore 16 slice CT scanner.  There is also a conference room, dosimetry room, and 3 faculty offices. 

Finally, approximately 52 miles further north, we provide a radiation oncologist and physicist to the Georgetown’s Hospital System Francis B. Ford Cancer Treatment Center.  This facility has a Varian iX accelerator and a GE 8 slice wide bore CT scanner.   The primary treatment planning system at all sites is Varian Eclipse and the radiation oncology management system is Mosaiq.