Department of Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology Medical Physics Residency Application Process

  1. MUSC  participates in both the AAPM CAP (Common Application Program) and the national MEDPHYS match.  You must register for both programs to be considered a candidate for our residency program.

  2. Complete and submit a AAPM Residency Common Application to MUSC
  3. Register for the MEDPHYS match
    2. MUSC Program ID number: 15911
    3. Note: We will not interview applicants who are not registered for the match.
  4. Submit the following additional information to the MUSC Physics Residency Director, Dr. Kenneth Vanek (
    1. List of courses remaining to be taken in your graduate academic program.
      1. List all courses not completed and shown on your transcript
    2. Visa status if not a resident of the United States
    3. Work History
    4. Any other supplemental information you wish to provide
  5. Any questions should be directed either to Dr. Vanek (,  Physics Residency Director, or Dr. Jean Peng (, Physics Residency Associate Director