Department of Radiation Oncology

Physics Residency Rotation Primary Objectives

Below are the primary objectives of each rotation cycle. In addition, there will be resident specific objectives assigned which will be extensions of the rotation’s primary objectives but specifically tailored to the experience base and skills of the individual resident. The resident will also continue to build his clinical experience by participating in daily clinical functions.

  1. Orientation and Overview
    • Participate in MUSC and GME resident orientation and complete all pertinent new employee computer training courses.
    • Become familiar with radiation oncology equipment, processes, procedures, and operations.
    • Become acquainted with faculty and staff
    • Learn and perform patient specific QA procedures
    • Participate in monthly QA
  2. Basic Treatment Planning
    • Learn the Pinnacle treatment planning software and the treatment planning process including treatment planning strategies, prescription doses, and limiting doses to critical structures.
    • Be able to plan 3D conformal cases, understand basic steps of IMRT planning, and plan uncomplicated cases.
  3. Equipment QA and Performance testing
    • Thoroughly understand and perform the quality assurance testing on physics measuring equipment, imaging equipment, treatment planning systems, and conventional linear accelerators.
  4. Radiation Mesurements
    • Gain a working knowledge and familiarity of the various types of radiation detectors and scanning equipment for linear accelerators.
    • Begin collection of beam data for the commissioning of a treatment planning system during Rotation VI.
  5. Brachytherapy
    • Become familiar with all Brachytherapy procedures at MUSC
    • Understand basic brachytherapy principles
    • Be able to calibrate Brachytherapy sources
    • Be able to plan Brachytherapy procedures
    • Become knowledgeable about Brachytherapy QMP
    • Become knowledgeable about pertinent radiation safety regulations
    • Become familiar with various Brachytherapy references
  6. Treatment Planning System Commissioning
    • Be familiar with the data that must be collected for commissioning of photons and electrons in the Pinnacle and Eclipse treatment planning systems (TPS)
    • Be able to commission at least one photon and electron energy in the Pinnacle TPS
    • Be familiar with the commissioning of a new linac in the Mosaiq oncology information system
    • Be familiar with the commissioning of beam energies in the MUCheck second check software
    • Develop program for initial testing of a TPS
  7. Advanced Treatment Planning
    • To increase competency in IMRT treatment planning
    • Become familiar with Tomotherapy treatment planning
    • Become knowledgeable about conformal arc therapy and VMAT concepts
    • To become proficient in directing a 4D CT simulation and analyzing the 4D images.
    • Understand the advantages and limitations of various motion management techniques and how to select the best imaging sets for treatment planning
    • Become proficient in hypo-fractionated treatments including planning, margin definition, plan evaluation/objectives, and quality assurance
  8. External Beam Special Procedures
    • Know and perform all procedures involving the Gamma Knife Perfexion planning
    • Be familiar with and understand the procedures involved with linac SRS.
    • Understand the principles of small field dosimetry, take beam data for small fields, and verify small field data in treatment planning systems
    • Understand the treatment planning, dose calculation formalism, and treatment preparation for the MUSC TBI technique
    • Be familiar with other TBI techniques, beam measurements, and QA
    • Know and understand all aspects of Acculoc set-ups, and QA
    • Understand the concepts for total skin irradiation
  9. Shielding and Administration
    • Be familiar with the issues involved in designing a Radiation Oncology department.
    • Be able to design a treatment room for a multi-modality, IMRT accelerator
    • Know how to perform a linac vault shielding survey
    • Be familiar with equipment planning