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Transgenic Mouse Core Facilty
transgenic mouse embryo

X-gal staining in the head region of
a transgenic mouse embryo (day
16 of gestation) carrying a
Hoxc13-lacZ reporter gene. The
dark blue staining indicates reporter
gene expression in developing hair
follicles of the whisker pad and the
scalp where Hoxc13 is naturally
expressed at this stage.

Awgulewitsch, A. (2003)
Hox in hair growth and development
Naturwissenschaften 90:193-211

The Transgenic Mouse Core Facility at MUSC uses the pronuclear microinjection technique for production of transgenic animals. Linearized ultra pure DNA is introduced into the pronucleus of a fertilized FVB mouse oocyte. Surviving oocytes are transferred to pseudopregnant females for gestation. Since 2001, the Facility has produced over 725 transgenic mice from 150 DNA constructs submitted by investigators at MUSC.

In addition, we can offer pronuclear injection in the C57BL/6 strain and transient expression work. Both services require an additional fee. An investigator wishing to order these services should contact us before making such a request.

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