Department of urology


Each of our faculty members and attending doctors have had specialty training in urology. All doctors are board certified.

This sub-specialization enables our doctors to become experts on particular conditions and treatments, and it allows them to provide the most advanced and appropriate care available for each patient.

Thomas E. Keane, MBBCh FRCSI FACS, Chairman
            Admin Assistant: Lisa Kynoski  office: 843-792-1666

 Harry S. Clarke, M.D., Ph.D.
           Admin Assistant: Benay Grater office: 843-792-9308

 Ross A. Rames, M.D.
           Admin Assistant: Judy Way office: 843-792-0212

 Eric S. Rovner, M.D.
            Admin Assistant: Lisa Newberry  office: 843-792-8347

 Stephen Savage, M.D.
            Admin Assistant: Waynette Smalls office: 843-792-5787

 Jonathan C. Picard, M.D.
           Admin Assistant: Waynette Smalls office: 843-792-5787

 J. Todd Purves, M.D., Ph.D.
           Admin Assistant: Jasmine Singer office: 843-792-7687

 Andrew A Stec, MD
           Admin Assistant: Jasmine Singer  office: 843-792-7687

 Sandip M Prasad, MD
           Admin Assistant Lisa Kynoski  office: 843-792-1666

 Michaella Prasad, MD
           Admin Assistant: Gina Oliver  office: 843-792-5347

Urology Fellows - 2012-2013

  Lara MacLachlan (Fellow - Female Urology/ Urogynecology)

 Austin DeRosa
  (Fellow - Urological Oncology )

Other Auxiliary Staff Members

 Kate Hansson Mack, DNP
             Admin Assistant: Gina Oliver  office: 843-792-5347

 Joe Turner, RN, ANP

 Rebecca Patton, PA-C

 Tracy Washington - Residency Coordinator
Office: 843-792-4538